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Two-years of research on a national solution to prevent this toxic stew-(combination of pesticides and herbicides) from entering both our city and well waters nation-wide.

 My solution “Go Organic” to encourage people to use organic measures I have  found a local insect, native to California, the Lady Bug Beetle which eats up to 5 other types of insects in your yard for free while you sleep.  

Δ You are all invited to Attend my Seminar Titled  " History of the Ladybug" Powerpoint presention and slide show with Large Photos of Ladybugs, Feb. 11th at 3PM  880 Walnut Ave. Mare Island, CA  near Vallejo, CA 94590  The Event where the Seminar is being held is called " SFBayFlyway 2017" Join us Wildlife & Insect enthusiasts for our 21th annual celebration for free! Website: Facebook page:

“History of the Ladybug“a new blog giving the reader methodical, logical, organized-giving, orderly and systematic view on Paleontologists-Entomologists new-found “Archaeladybug” on link) to view above blog. I have found that Ladybugs do need nesting boxes armed with two years of research I now have six cities now caring my product The Best Lady Bug House- Everything Green in California. Third year of sell-out status.  This House is more than just a yard decoration.  It has two years of research in its design for the California Ladybug making it not just a house for lady bugs but the best lady house.  All handcrafted made in California, When you purchase one you put 6 California’s to work.  Full instructions on “How to care for your Ladybugs” is inside each house or nesting box.  I would appreciate any help to get my natural green product out to the public and bring my green peace to the world.   I have had a lot of Negative attitude from Chemical companies and “Experts” Like  “Suzanne” discouraging people from purchasing and using Ladybugs claiming they have parasites and that Ladybug nesting boxes are just yard art?  Not even looking into my two years of research into ladybugs or the fact that if you do not provide them with a nesting box they will seek one out in nature usually a hollowed out tree trunk and almost always away from your yard or garden.

Ladybugs are popular insects worldwide, and many cultures believe that they bring luck. In Austria, they are actually called "Glueckskaefer" - "lucky bugs." There are various rumors about how luck actually manifests with ladybugs. Some cultures say that if a ladybug

lands on you and you don't brush it off, you will be lucky. Others say that if a man and a woman see a ladybug at the same time, they'll fall in love. And still others say that some ladybugs are luckier than others -- the deeper red their color and the more spots they have, the luckier you'll be! Ladybugs are cute, and they can make excellent lucky symbols. Read about how to make ladybug clip art, create a cute clay pot ladybug for your computer desk, or other ladybug crafts.
Dear: Reader and supporter, There is a very Hot discussion on How Ladybugs Migrate: Please fee free to join in and make your opinion knowned:  Topic: Where are the Ladybugs !

 New Blog! "How to care for your Ladybugs"


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