The Best Lady Bug House 

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1)  Do you sell Lady-Bugs with the Houses?


Answer: In one word “No”, Lady-Bugs are available commercially on line along with the attractant which is recommended also.  Also a link is provided to purchase the Lady-bugs from a third party seller after you purchase the house first of-course.


2)  Which Lady-Bugs do you recommend?

 Answer: Convergent lady beetle, Scientific name: Hippodamia convergens which is native to California.  Be sure to order the Convergent lady beetle-(Lady-Bug) because they are bigger, and have fewer spots and are the Lady-Bugs these houses were design for! 


3) What makes your house “The Best Lady Bug House” ?

Answer: The Best Lady Bug House was designed for the California Lady-Bug or the Convergent lady beetle. Design for your favorite Lady-Bug in mind, taking in consideration of their basic needs: Location, Food, Shelter, Protection, and a nourishing Environment.


4) What are the Features?



* Location: for The Best Lady Bug House near the rose garden or garden where you want the lady-bugs to feed on your  garden pest such as aphids,  plant lice, whitefly and scale insects.


*  Food: The Best Lady Bug House has total of 10 through holes in the sides 5 on each side.   The holes are to hold the up to 5 “Cutting” from your rose or garden. “Cuttings” are shoots or cut branch with leaves still attached perhaps with some real live food or aphids still on them this is especially needed after their long journey in the shipping process they will be hungry.


* Shelter: The lady-bug house is a safe heaven for your favorite lady-bug herd, it is shady, dark, moist, and offers protection from the bird which eats lady-bugs. 


* Protection:  The Best Lady Bug house is design for optimal protection from birds and other animals that my bother if not eat the Lady-Bugs.


* Nourishing environments:  This is what you are striving for to keep the lady bug happy campers, so when you get you bag of Lady-bugs please follow the above food steps first with the attractant and cuttings with the live aphids and the detail instruction which come with each house. The idea is to slowly introduce them to your garden so they will get use-to your garden and their new home.


5) Do Lady-bugs bite?

Answer:  No, they are harmless to humans, but humans are not harmless to Lady-bugs.


6) How do I care for my herd of lady bugs? 

Answer:  Each house comes with instruction on how to care for them.


7) Are these houses weather proof?

Answer:  No, but they are weather resistance- painted with exterior house paints painted by professional house painting company so they should last  for years to come.  Made in USA.

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